Terry Hebert
Square Dance Caller

About Terry

Terry was born and raised in Fredericton, New Brunswick and has remained here in this quaint city his whole life.  Terry is a 3rd generation square dancer having started his own dancing back in 1987 but had been exposed to the movement since 1980 when his parents joined a club that his grandparents had been members of for a few years before.  Terry graduated from square dance classes that April 1988 and the caller of the club at the time Bill Clarke thought that the young Terry of only 13 years old could be shaped into one day a caller he felt proud of.  So it began that July Bill and Terry working together and Bill passing along his wisdom.

In 1990 Terry graduated his first ever beginner class and had his first home club in 1991.  Terry has since gone on to call for several clubs but currently has 3 clubs in which he calls regular programs for on  a weekly basis.  Terry calls square dancing from Basic through Advanced 2 and cues rounds from Phase II-IV.

When not dancing Terry has a very  hectic schedule with working within the family business.  Terry is currently President of the Federation of Dance Clubs of New Brunswick, Inc.  & President of the Maritime Callers and Cuers Association. 

Terry is a member of Callerlab, Maritime Callers & Cuers Association and New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island Callers Association.  Terry has also served on the Board of Directors for the 2002 Canadian National Square & Round Dance Convention in Saint John and also was on the committee looking after the square and clogging programs at the 2010 Canadian National  Square & Round Dance Convention in Halifax and assisted the Sound Committee.

Terry's largest goal when calling or cuing at a dance is to give the dancers a good evening of dancing fun and send them home happy and hopefully he has achieved that at most of his dances.

Terry has called at several Canadian National Conventions and  has started to call at the US National Conventions.